About The Journal of Vietnam Agricultural Sciences and Technology

The Journal of Vietnam Agricultural Sciences and Technology (JVAST) is a monthly peer-reviewed journal under the Vietnam Academy of Agricultural Sciences (VAAS) following the national format and standards of a scientific journal and is released nationwide in Vietnam. The journal has been issued International Standard Serial Number (ISSN: 0866-8116) by The National Agency for Science and Technology Information (Ministry of Science and Technology). The JVAST has been one of the prestigious official journals in agricultural sciences, especially crop sciences in Vietnam. A published article on the journal is awarded a maximum of 1.0 point by The State Council for Professor Title of Vietnam.


Principle and Purposes:

1. Contributing to propagation, dissemination and promotion of agricultural scientific and technology.

2. Publishing results of agricultural research works and technology transfer; training for researcher and technical staffs;

3. Being a scientific information exchange and academic criticism forum for academics, researchers, scientists, practitioners, policymakers of Vietnamese and oversea institutions and research agencies in the field of agricultural sciences (including: crop sciences, soil sciences, agricultural environment, plant protection…)


Types of the published journal articles and papers:

1. Directive and management official documents, Decrees, Regulations, Circulars... of the Central Party, Government, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, relevant ministries and its departments.

2. Results from research works (original articles, research articles, review articles…), technology transfer, training activities; socio-economic tasks; exchange of information and experiences; new advanced- techniques and practices in agriculture production.

3. Information on international cooperation; the updated information (full or brief translation) of agricultural science and technology in the world.